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Hot-Hed has had the privelege to work with some of the biggest names in the petroleum and gas industries. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of customers' needs, our highly qualified team of engineers and technicians and now 25 locations worldwide, our clients know we will provide them with the highest quality oil tools products, offshore services and equipment rentals they require - every time.

Browse our Clients Directory and a list of past jobs we have completed for International Oil and Gas Companies worldwide. Be assured that you're in good hands with Hot-Hed.

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NAOC - Nigerian Agip Oil Company

(Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd.)
Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd.

Nexen Inc.
(formerly Canadian Occidental)
Canadian Occidental

Nippon Oil Corporation Ltd.

(now Nippon Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.)
Nippon Oil Corporation Ltd.

NISCONI (P.T. Nippon Steel Construction Indonesia)

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