Hot-Hed® Oil Tools Petroleum Industry News - June to July 2007
  • Chevron awards Hot-Hed® Clear Leader Safety Award Gunung Salak, Indonesia
  • Hot-Hed® oil tools and services presented at the Intergas Petroleum Industry Conference in Cairo, Egypt
  • PT Hot-Hed® Indonesia presented with Chevron safety award - Salak Geothermal Drilling Steam Make Up Project
  • Hot-Hed® oil tools exhibited at the Intergas Petroleum Industry Conference in Cairo, Egypt

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June 2007

Hot-Hed oil tools Indonesia providing drilling support services to Exxon Mobil.PT Hot-Hed Indonesia has been awarded a one year contract with Exxon Mobil to support the Exxon Mobil Cepu Ltd. drilling program.

Hot-Hed will provide Exxon Mobil with various drilling support services.
Rawabi Hot-Hed KSA obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification from Det Norske Veritas.As of May 29th, 2007, Rawabi Hot-Hed KSA is ISO 9001:2000 certifified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

To view a copy of Rawabi Hot-Hed KSA's certification document, please see our Quality Management System page.

For more information regarding additional Hot-Hed ISO certifications, contact:
Hot-Hed International
Hot-Hed oil tools receives one year contract extension with Occidental Petroleum.Hot-Hed oil tools Libya has received a one year contract extension with Verenex Energy Ltd. and Occidental Petroleum.

Hot-Hed will provide wellhead installation services, casing cutting services and BOP nipple up and nipple down services for both Venerex and Occidental Petroleum.

July 2007

PT Hot-Hed Indonesia President Director Robert C. Fleischmann. In recognition of more than one million man hours without a lost time incident, Chevron has awarded PT Hot-Hed Indonesia the Clear Leader Safety Award. On-hand to receive the prestigious award was Bob Fleischmann (PT Hot-Hed Indonesia - center), along with Jim Barron (IBU Drilling Manager - left) and Mark Mosby (GM Resource Technology - right). The awards ceremony took place in Gunung Salak, Indonesia, location of the Salak Geothermal Drilling Steam Make Up Project.
Drilling Manager Geothermal Steve Furry. Present for the event were also PT ApexIndo Pratama Duta, key players in the Salak Project, and Drilling Manager Geothermal, Steve Furry. Additional recipients of the Chevron Clear Safety Award were other Business Partners in the Salak Geothermal Project including Halliburton Sperry Drilling Services, Weatherford International, Tuboscope Pipeline Services, PT Geoprolog Intiwijaya and PT Pandu Selamat Utama, among others.
For information regarding additional safety awards PT Hot-Hed Indonesia has received, check our Health, Safety and Environment page or contact:
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