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January 2008

Emergence of Hot-Hed as one of Nigeria's leading providers of Welding Isolation Chambers (Habitat™) & Bolting Services
January 14th
Since the establishment of Hot-Hed in Nigeria, we have been one of the country's leading providers of Torque & Tensioning Services and Welding Services. We provide the tools and trained personnel necessary to deliver these services safely and with the precision, speed and required documentation that oil and gas industry standards demand.

Hot-Hed Nigeria Ltd. is currently fulfilling a 3-year contract to provide Bolting Services to Nigeria's largest gas producer, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG). We look forward to extending this contract by an additional three years to provide our services to the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Project No.6 Processing Train, thus helping to increase its future annual shipment capacity to 22 million cubic tonnes.

Hot-Hed has been the leading Bolting Services Company providing Torque and Tensioning services to NLNG during both their build-up and commissioning and their annual routine shutdowns. 2008 will see four NLNG processing trains shut down on back to back maintenance schedules, requiring Hot-Hed to provide six months of extensive support at their plants. NLNG's No.6 Processing Train is set to be commissioned for operational and performance testing and there are plans for two more processing trains in the near future to boost the company's liquified natural gas export capacity further.

At present, Hot-Hed Nigeria Ltd. is providing flange integrity testing and bolting services on the EPC2B Extension Project as part of our ongoing support to Globestar Engineering Company Nigeria Ltd.. This project is set to continue until 2010.

Hot-Hed Nigeria Ltd. is the leading supplier of Welding Isolation Chambers (Habitat™) and Welding and Bolting Services to Agip Nigeria Ltd. and ExxonMobil, supporting its main contractors - Noble Drilling, Global Sante Fe and Ensco Drilling - in both their deep sea and land operations.

Hot-Hed Nigeria Ltd. also recently received a contract extension of one year on the Noble Tommy Craighead Platform, as well as securing a second contract to provide Habitat™ Welding Isolation Chambers and Welding Services to Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria) Ltd. on the Songa Tellus Platform.

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February 2008

Hot-Hed to Attend AADE/Deepwater & Emerging Technology Group Meeting
February 28th
Hot-Hed attending AADE/DETG meeting.Hot-Hed will be attending the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)/Deepwater and Emerging Technology Group (DETG) General Meeting at the Halliburton Auditorium in Houston, Texas on February 28, 2008.

Presentations by oil and gas industry professionals will include representatives from British Petroleum, Hess, Broken Hill Petroleum and Chevron and will cover the following topic:

Drilling Hazards- The Salt Above and the Tar Below.
This Deepwater and Emerging Technologies Group meeting will focus on dealing with down-hole hazards and current state of practice. Industry reps will present recent experiences with real-time techniques used in predicting drilling hazards both within and just below salt canopies. Special hazards, specifically tar, will also be presented with an update on how it is being dealt with in the field.

Halliburton Auditorium - Houston, Texas
10200 Bellaire Blvd.
West of Beltway 8 on Bellaire Blvd.
First floor meeting room

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