ARAMCO Wellhead/Xmas Tree Completion System Rehabilitation
In March 2005, Saudi Aramco decided to re-explore an older oil well that they had neglected for many years.

Hot-Hed was asked what could be done to help Aramco recover the old, non-functional and/or out-dated well equipment that they had on location and install a newer, more suitable stack on the head of the old oil well. Having been left without care for many years in the Saudi Arabian Desert, the oil well had seriously deteriorated.

Hot-Hed went onto this worksite with minimal equipment - only a crane, portable welding equipment, electrical generation equipment and compression tools - and completed the task without the need to utilize a derrick.

Saudi Aramco was very pleased with the outcome of this Wellhead and Christmas Tree Completion System Rehabilitation and are considering more onsite projects of this type. By completing this project without the use of a derrick, Hot-Hed saved the Client a great deal of time and financial resources.

Below is an overview of the ARAMCO Wellhead/Xmas Tree Completion System Rehabilitation process along with several colour photos. To view a gallery of full size images related to this project, click on the thumbnails. Please note you must have JavaScript enabled for the image gallery to function.
Preparing for wellhead and christmas tree rehabilitation.WELLHEAD AND CHRISTMAS TREE COMPLETION SYSTEM PROJECT PREPARATION

Wellhead assembly is sand blasted before disassembly and removal.
Wellhead is seriously corroded and must be replaced.INSPECTING WELLHEAD COMPONENTS

Close-up of extensive corrosion on wellhead.
Wellhead being disassembled.DISASSEMBLY OF WELLHEAD

Sections B, C and bonnet removal after
nut cutting.
Hot-Hed crew extending the casing and installing the wellhead.EXTENDING CASING AND

Hot-Hed crew adding the 9-5/8" casing extension and 13-5/8" casing extension, then installing the 18-5/8” wellhead.
Hot-Hed crew preparing for christmas tree installation.PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS

NDT inspected and ready for christmas tree installation.
Installation of christmas tree complete.CHRISTMAS TREE INSTALLED

Christmas tree installation completed and ready for final pressure testing.
Final pressure testing of wellhead.PRESSURE TESTING

Final hydraulic pressure test of wellhead.
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