Hot-Hed® Petroleum Industry Services and Equipment Rentals

Hot-Hed® Habitat™ Welding Isolation Chamber

Hot-Hed's patented portable, inflatable Welding Isolation Chamber, designed to maximize welding safety requirements and alleviate costly shut downs on offshore platforms.


Self-contained, easily transportable
unit for field-testing wellhead and
xmas tree cavities on HPHT
(High Pressure/High Temperature) wells.

Piling Hammer Rental

Rentals of durable, reliable
diesel-driven, single-acting, free-fall
piling hammers for driving casing
prior to drilling.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning

Hydraulic tensioning services that offer the quickest, safest and most accurate means of stud-bolt tensioning available while providing uniform gasket compression.

Hot Bolting Service

A safe, accurate method of
replacing worn out or corroded
studs and nuts, eliminating the
need to shut down.

Cold Cutting Service

A split-frame, pneumatic-driven cold cutter that produces a lathe-type, beveled or straight cut on pipes or casing up to 32" in diameter.

Hot Tapping Service

A safe way to Tap metal pipes for
plugging operations, as well as set
completion plugs/fittings utilizing
air-operated drilling machine,
capable of handling sizes: 1/2" to 4"

Hydraulic Nut Splitters

Hot-Hed Hydraulic Nut Splitters offer an ideal 'cold cut' solution for opening worn and corroded nuts, especially where 'hot work' permits are not issued.

Leak Off Test Service

Please contact Hot-Hed for more
info regarding our Leak Off Test
Services for the petroleum and
gas industries.

Wellhead Installation Service

Well head installation utilizing a pre-engineered, controlled heat source that helps produce superior welds, regardless of weather, quickly and efficiently.

BOP Testing Service

Please contact Hot-Hed for more
info regarding our BOP Testing
Services for the petroleum and
gas industries.

Fabrication & Welding

Fabrications for rig modifications and upgrades, custom-built mud tanks, cargo boxes, trash boxes, etc as well as services such as barge repairs, wellhead repairs, etc.

Hydrostatic Testing Service

Hydrostatic leak testing of process
pipe work or system to prove the
integrity of all flanged joints,
fittings and valves before
introduction of live-system contents.

Hydraulic Torque-Wrench Bolt Tightening Service

Hot-Hed's first-class, globally available, on-site bolt & stud tightening services. Accurate, even tightening, utilizing Hydraulic Torque Tools. We utilize only the best equipment and employ only the most experienced engineers available.

Hot-Hed® Community Awareness Programs

SPE Scholarships

Hot-Hed supports the Society of Petroleum Engineers Scholarship Fund which enables thousands of students worldwide to obtain university degrees abroad.

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Hot-Hed® Supports the

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Scholarship Fund
Instituto Argentino del Petroleo y del Gas Houston Scholarship Fund

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