Hot-Chek® Weld Integrity Tester - Test Weld Pressure & Leaks
  • Hot-Hed Oil Tools Hot-Chek® utilizes nitrogen to test welds for leaks.
  • Hot-Hed Oil Tools Hot-Chek® tests weld flaws without cool-down.
  • Hot-Hed Oil Tools Hot-Chek® eliminates weld leaks.
  • Hot-Hed Oil Tools Hot-Chek® tests weld integrity.
  • Hot-Hed Oil Tools Hot-Chek® finds weldment flaws.
Hot-Hed's Hot-Chek® is a patented oil tool which enables testing of weld integrity without waiting for time-consuming cool-down, as well as eliminating contamination of the weld.

In order to pinpoint possible flaws in the weldment, the Hot-Chek system utilizes nitrogen and a tracer gas, revealing leaks before they become a problem.

For more information regarding Hot-Hed's Hot-Chek nitrogen weld integrity tester, please contact us directly.

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