Hot-Hed® Preheater/Postheater for Wellhead Installations
  • Preparing to use the Hot-Hed® Preheating/Postheating System.
  • Lowering the Hot-Hed® Preheater into the wellhead.
  • The Hot-Hed® Preheater heating the wellhead to required temperatures.
  • Hot-Hed® Wellhead Installation Preheating/Postheating System.
  • Well head installations are completed safely and efficiently using the Hot-Hed® Preheating/Postheating System.
  • Slip on wellheads are easily installed using the Hot-Hed® Preheating/Postheating System.
The Hot-Hed oil tools Preheater/Postheater System is a patented, non-toxic, exothermic heater which uniformly raises temperatures to API standards in 5 to 10 minutes. Complying with API, ASME Section IX and NACE standards, the Hot-Hed System requires no special tools and is a fast, efficient, reliable manner of installing slip-on well heads. Hot-Heds are used in conjunction with our patented Hot-Hed Heet Treet® Blanket for controlled cool-down during completion of well head installation.

PWHT (Post-Weld Heat Treatment/stress relieving), which is required for sour gas or high strength casing, is achieved by utilization of specially designed Hot-Heds.

Superior welds, both inside and outside, are produced quickly and efficiently - regardless of weather conditions. Our System has been field proven by major oil companies across the world, from the Arctic to the Tropics, and can be custom made to any tubular heating specification.

For more information regarding the Hot-Hed Preheater/Postheater System for wellhead installations, feel free to contact us directly.

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