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The Hot-Hed® Preheater/Postheater System

The innovative oil tool product that started it all. A non-toxic, disposable exothermic heater, used in conjunction with the Hot-Hed Heet-Treet® Blanket for wellhead installations. Uniformly raises temperatures to API standards
in 5 to 10 minutes.


Makes quick, level, clean cuts on casings and conductors at any angle.


Utilizes nitrogen to test for weld
leaks, weld quality and pressure
integrity without cool-down or


Quickly heats drive, conductor pipe and caissons up to 72" in diameter and 3" wall thickness within a few minutes. Saves time and money.

Habitat™ Isolation Chamber

Portable, inflatable welding
isolation chamber designed to
enhance efficiency and safety on
live production platforms.


Patented mud bucket designed for 100% drilling fluid recovery. Reduces or eliminates environmental pollution & operating costs and speeds clean-up time.

Lock-Well Nuts™

Hot-Hed's patented Anti-Tamper
Fastener System. Designed as an
anti-theft device to prevent
unauthorized access to wellheads
or flanges.

Hot-Hed® Community Awareness Programs

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Hot-Hed supports the Society of Petroleum Engineers Scholarship Fund which enables thousands of students worldwide to obtain university degrees abroad.

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