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  • Welding Box & Pin Connectors to 30"
conductor pipe for Chevron Geothermal.
  • Welding box and pin connectors for Chevron Geothermal - Gunung Salak, Indonesia
  • Hot-Hed Drive Shoe Fabrication - Chevron Geothermal Project Gunung Salak, Indonesia
  • Welding Conductor Pipe - Chevron Geothermal Steam Make Up Project Gunung Salak, Indonesia
  • Hot-Hed Offshore Welding Services
  • Hot-Hed AWS-D11/6GR Certified Welders
  • Hot-Hed Onshore Fabrication Services
  • Hot-Hed Certified Welders perform barge repairs, top drive installation & wellhead repairs.
  • We fabricate custom-made mud tanks, cargo boxes, completion baskets & trash boxes.
  • Fabrication & Welding - completed custom welded mud-tank
Hot-Hed offers a wide range of offshore fabrication and welding services for the petroleum and gas industries. Our welders are certified to AWS-D11/6GR standards and are capable of taking on any welding job - large or small - worldwide.

Past offshore fabrication jobs for International Clients include Rig Modifications and Upgrades, custom-made mud tanks, cargo boxes with valid certification, completion baskets and trash boxes that are inspected and load tested.

Hot-Hed also specializes in repairing wellheads and is well-known for it's other services such as offshore barge repairs, top drive installation, stand pipes and custom welding services.

For more information regarding Hot-Hed's Offshore Fabrication and Custom Welding Services, please contact us directly.

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