Wellhead Installation - Well Head Services
  • Installing Wellhead Using the Hot-Hed® Preheater/Postheater for wellhead installations.
  • Hot-Hed Well Head Installation Process.
  • Wellhead Installation Using the Hot-Hed Heet Treet® Blanket.
  • Photo of Completed Wellhead Installations.
  • Hot-Hed Heet Treet® Blanket being utilized for wellhead installation.
  • Completed Wellhead Installations on offshore platform.
Since its beginnings in 1981, Hot-Hed is one of the few oil tool companies in the oil industry that has installed and repaired tens of thousands of wellheads for various large petroleum and gas companies around the world.

Hot-Hed installs well heads utilizing a pre-engineered, controlled heat source that helps produce superior welds, regardless of weather, quickly and efficiently.

Our Wellhead Installation Services are guaranteed to be provided onsite by our fully-qualified and extensively-experienced engineers and technicians.

To view a sample listing of the clients we have provided Wellhead Installation Services and Repairs to for more than 26 years, please view Hot-Hed's International Clients Directory.

For more information regarding Hot-Hed's Wellhead Installation Services, please contact us directly.

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